Your brand is your reputation.

The result of emotions, perceptions and experiences you create.

Remarkable brands have a clear purpose, a strong team and a compelling presence.

To become a remarkable brand you must be:


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    Brand Platforms

    A collaborative process where we unveil your true brand values, promise, personality traits and story. The foundation of who you are, what you believe in and how you want to be perceived.

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    Brand Implementation

    Now that your brand platform is clearly defined, you need a blueprint to successfully bring your brand to life. We’ll ensure consistency and clear understanding on how to express your brand in every way, from a strong culture reflective of your brand values, to compelling and engaging messages and experiences that will attract and engage customers.

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    Brand Design

    Be it your logo, your website or your marketing materials, design plays a vital function in telling your story and engaging your audience. Building your image and strengthening your brand is done by deliberate, intentional and purposeful design. By combining the foundations of design and communication with a deep understanding of your brand, we deliver powerful designs that connect with your customers and build relationships.

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    Marketing Strategy

    Once your brand platform is defined and you have your blueprint to implement it, a marketing strategy will be created to effectively reflect your brand and reach your audience. This step-by-step guide will ensure consistency, efficient use of resources and deep audience engagement.


If you’re a startup or an entrepreneur with a great business idea, a company or non-profit that needs help reaching new levels, a one on one brand strategy consult can give you tailored advice and a clear path on how to achieve your goals.



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Get to know marca strategy


marca strategy was founded by Luiza Campos in 2010. Luiza has over 20 years of experience in developing and implementing brand strategies in North America.

Luiza has worked with a variety of organizations in many different industries. From major international companies to start ups and non-profits, the need to clearly articulate the value of an organization and connect in effective ways to their audience is the same for every organization regardless of size, industry or market.

At marca strategy we believe in the power of great brands. We believe great brands are more than products or services and a healthy bottom line. Great brands are driven by a purpose. They are not just different – they create difference and meaning to their audience.

Great brands don’t just tell a story, they are the story.

Your brand is your single most valuable asset and tool.

We can help organizations discover or rediscover who they are, why they matter and how to connect with their audience in meaningful ways.

Branding is our focus and passion.


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