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January 19, 2011
a brand is everything you do and say

just like everything you do or say contributes (positively or negatively) to the image people form about you and your character, the same is true for organizations.

building your brand therefore is not the sole responsibility of your marketing and communications department. it is in fact an intrinsic part of everyone’s job.

many organizations invest a lot of time and effort in developing a brand, as they should, but the majority fails in communicating that brand internally and allowing the whole organization to disseminate it.

when an organization does not properly breed their brand internally, they are not tapping into the resources they have and will never achieve the full potential of their brand. in many cases in fact, they end up harming their own brand and as a consequence the bottom line.

developing a brand is very important but executing your brand, living it by all who form part of the organization is crucial. 


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