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June 5, 2012
A brand is like learning a new language

When you set out to learn a new language, it can be hard in the beginning. You find yourself slowly learning new words, their meaning and how to properly use them. It can be overwhelming and intimidating.

When you try to speak it, you have to translate everything in your head first. It feels contrived and uncomfortable. It’s hard.

Once you practice it enough times and put it to use, with time you end up becoming fluent. It becomes second nature. You no longer need to translate it in your head, you catch yourself actually thinking in that language.

The same is true in business when we implement a new brand. It takes time to gain understanding and engagement internally. It will feel confusing and overwhelming at first. At it will feel contrived. It takes time to introduce and get staff to learn the new brand.

Don’t expect to have a brand launch and a few take aways or an intranet brand page and get full understanding and engagement from staff. This is like a new language for your organization. You have to introduce it in different ways and often. 

Give examples, allow staff to “practice”, to understand how they can bring the brand to life and to ask questions. In time, it will become second nature and they will start thinking and acting in brand.

Implementation of a new brand is perhaps the hardest part when creating a brand. If your staff doesn’t learn your brand, doesn’t become fluent in it, your brand can’t be brought to life.

Your brand should be the “language” that is appealing to your client. If you don’t become fluent in it, you won’t be able to converse and relate with your client the way you should.


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