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Your brand is so much more than your logo

a brand is the reflection of an organization’s purpose.

it is a true, authentic expression of who you are and “why” you exist.

It’s more than your name and your logo.

It’s more than your website.

It’s more than the products and services you offer.

A brand is how it all comes together from your name to the buying experience.

It is the story you tell about who you are as an organization and why anyone should care.

It’s how you connect with your audience, get them to listen, and more importantly, get them to act and trust you.

A brand is the reputation, the image you evoke because of everything you say and do.

Your brand is your most valuable asset – do you know where you stand with it?

It takes more than a great product to be successful

You have amazing products but if the experience of getting them is fraught with frustration you will lose.

Why? Because it’s not just about your products, it’s about the experience. If you want people to engage you need to invest in more than your products. You need to invest in all the processes that form their experience.

Let me give you an example.

I recently tried to purchase tickets online to several events at a festival. I first became frustrated when a subscription price was promoted but I had to search to find out how to become a subscriber.  Then, after some effort trying to put various tickets into my shopping cart, I realized that each individual event had a different vendor. Since I planned to go to 4 events, I would need to create 4 different accounts, manage 4 shopping carts and would receive 4 different tickets, each with their own unique policies.

The process was so arduous and time consuming I just stopped buying. I had gone from loyal advocate to lost customer.

It isn’t that the company didn’t care. They cared enough to create an amazing product. The issue is that they stopped there.

Of course you should always strive for a quality product but a quality product isn’t enough. To engage customers, create (and retain) advocates and build your brand you must invest in the quality of the whole experience; companies that don’t ultimately risk diminishing the value of their products and alienating their customers.

How do you make your clients feel?

We judge or measure people in many different ways. By the way they look, the way they talk and, of course, by their actions. By actions I mean not only what they do for a living (although that’s certainly part of the equation) but most importantly, the way they act with others, the way they make us feel. When we interact with them.

We are all measured the same way.

The way we look, the things we say, what we do and how we make others feel is a real true measure of who we are and how people react towards us.

The same is true for brands.

Many companies spend a lot of time and resources in what they do (their product or service). Some spend time and resources on how they look (physical space, website, logo, marketing materials), but few spend enough time and resources in how they make others feel when they interact with them.

Most interactions we have with brands are courteous and professional, but that’s table stakes. The brands that make us feel special, important, fashionable, attractive, intelligent… The list goes on and on, are the ones that we become loyal to.

How do you make your clients feel?

Your brand is what sets you apart – can you articulate it?

It’s easier than ever now to shop for anything. With a few clicks we can compare competitive products and services from around the globe. We have more options than ever before.

Businesses have more competition than ever before.

Pricing, quality, service and convenience can help you compete, but those alone are not enough to build a loyal base of clients.

Standing for something bigger, being meaningful, owning a conversation (living your brand) is what will make you stand out. Is what will give you the platform to reach people in a meaningful way and to influence their thinking and their behavior.

There are very few companies that do this.