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November 8, 2012
Being your customer

When was the last time you stepped in your customer shoes?

I don’t mean just trying to think of what your customer experience must be like or analyze your processes to see if they can be better. I mean to literally engage with your organization as a client does.  Try to book a service, buy a product, register to an event, look for information on your site or send a customer service request.

We’re so busy running our companies that we don’t have time to check how it is like to deal with our company, to be a client.

Client surveys, are important. But there are many things, details and frustrations that you may not find through customer satisfaction surveys but that you can definitely see through your own experiences as being a client.

I often see, broken links on websites, incomplete information, acronyms that don’t mean anything or content that is not clear. It’s not a good idea to make your customers have to look for information, wait for a response or have to decipher your messages.

Putting yourself, from time to time in your customer’s shoes will not only help you avoid customer issues but it will guide you on how to provide for more intuitive, clear and streamlined interactions. Improving the customer experience will not only help you retain your clients but it will translate into new clients.

Most of all, putting yourself in your client’s shoes, will give a very real sense of what your customers really need, how and when to offer these products and services, how you can really improve them and what you need to be focusing in for the future. Being a customer of your company is the best way to know which direction your company needs to go in the future.  It is the best way to be in sync with your customers and to remain relevant and in demand.


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