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January 25, 2011
busy is the new form of procrastination

we are so busy nowadays that we actually don’t have time to work anymore.

think about it. how often do you hear people complaint about how busy they are? Its becoming the standard answer to “how are you?”.

and no wonder, with dozens of emails a day, meetings, phone calls and continuous interruptions, we are constantly on the go or multitasking and as a result we have less and less time to actually do meaningful work. we’ve become really good at being busy but is making us less not more productive.

the problem, of course is that we are addicted to it. deep down we like feeling needed and connected, so we constantly check our emails and answer messages. we like the attention. and this busyness, which is part of “work” after all, is accepted and expected. it’s also the perfect excuse to not do hard work. to not have to think and go through the uncomfortable and arduous task of having to actually think, plan and analyze and immerse ourselves in the task at hand.

when we actually sit down to work, the kind that requires focus and deep thinking, we inevitably get stuck at some point and of course we take the easy way out, we go check our emails. after all that is “work”. this takes us away from our task, our meaningful work and gets us “busy”.

this new form of procrastination however is so wide spread and we are so addicted to it, that pushing away from it may be very difficult. if you can however actually dedicate the time required and put all your attention and focus on the task at hand you will likely end up with a much better outcome and you may actually set yourself apart from others. 

this may be a great opportunity for those who can be self disciplined and endure the uncomfortable stages of arduous meaningful work.



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