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January 9, 2011

everyone knows the world is in constant change. days pass, seasons change, new companies are formed, new technologies are created, new fashion styles come and go.

in many ways we want change. we want to finish school, we want to get married, we want to have children, we want to grow our businesses, we want a better job, we want to go to new restaurants and see new movies.

as much as we want change, we also fight tooth and nail sometimes to stop things from changing. we’ve seen this happen with the photographic industry, where is Kodak and Fujifilm now, and we’ve seen this happen with the music industry.

successful organizations not only become really good at doing what they do, but they are really good as completely transforming what they do. being ahead of the curve and not hesitating to change is what set successful organizations apart.

as Seth Godin says in his book Tribes, “Embrace, create change before change happens to you”. you can’t stop change so you might as well be the first one out of the gate and maintain or gain that market share.


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