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January 31, 2012
culture is a set of behaviours

organizations want to have strong and positive cultures and they want that culture to be pervasive throughout the organization and be experienced by their customers. strong cultures are a differentiator in the market place and can be a powerful way to engage customers.

an organization’s culture should be a reflection of their brand and build upon it. organizations therefore must have a well defined brand and vision in order to establish their culture.

but what is a culture? a culture is a set of behaviours that we show consistently and continuously. deciding what that culture should be like can take some time but infusing it into the organization takes even longer.

we need to identify the right set of behaviours and put in place internal structures and processes that will encourage, support and promote them.

it takes a long time for a culture to become ingrained in the organization and indeed part of their DNA but once they have, you have a powerful tool working on your favour.


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