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January 9, 2013
Don’t tell your story, immerse people in it
Telling your story is more than the compelling words you say or write, or the most convincing arguments you can make. Telling your story, a winning story, a story that will get the attention and the actions you want, is about how you can create experiences and environments where care is demonstrated and trust is earned. Your story is more, much more than words, tone of voice or marketing collateral. Your story includes all the details about your organization. It’s how you greet, hear, serve, reward and mend. So when you’re thinking about telling your story, do mind the words, the tone, the arguments and the collateral. But you won’t be able to tell your story successfully without including the entire experience. Daunting? Yes. Telling your story successfully can be daunting. That’s why there are only a few organizations that do it right. The good news is if you tell your story minding all aspects of it, you have a much better chance to stand out.

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