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January 20, 2011
embrace vulnerability

dr. Brene Brown has studied vulnerability for over 10 years and she says “We are losing our tolerance for vulnerability”.

vulnerability is associated with risk, shame and considered a weakness, but vulnerability as Dr. Brown says is the “birth place of joy and creativity” among other things. 

what does this means for business? successful leaders and those who strive for excellence, masters at negotiation and compromises. you can’t negotiate and compromise without being open to vulnerability.

being passionate about something, taking risks, voicing your opinion, specially when its against the norm, contributing your ideas, changing the status quo all require vulnerability and all are needed in order to be successful.

the thought of exposing ourselves to loosing, to be judged and criticized, to be ridiculed or even cast aside is a difficult one and not many of us make that choice. most of us instead, choose to follow instructions, not ask difficult questions and not challenge authority.  we choose not to be vulnerable.

this behaviour does not allow for excellence, brilliance and the pursuit of quality. as risky as vulnerability may seem, it is far riskier to not only tolerate it, but accept it and embrace it.


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