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October 6, 2010
everything counts

nothing you do is insignificant. how your powerpoint slides look, the level of energy and effort you put in the last meeting on a friday afternoon, how you answered that call… everything you do either adds or take away from your brand, your reputation. there is no insignificant effort. it all adds up.  and one “small” slip can cause years of work, of building on your brand image to regress.  

the level of energy, focus and interest you, your staff and all the outputs your company does is of value.  seek excellence in everything you do. very often excellence is in the details, in how that cuff is sewn, in how that cupcake is packaged… and excellence is never achieved, as if you truly seek it you’ll always be perfecting everything you do and will always do better, raising the bar even further.  

effort and details are noticeable. your audience appreciates it and will reward you for it.


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