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October 8, 2013
How do you make your clients feel?
We judge or measure people in many different ways. By the way they look, the way they talk and, of course, by their actions. By actions I mean not only what they do for a living (although that’s certainly part of the equation) but most importantly, the way they act with others, the way they make us feel. When we interact with them. We are all measured the same way. The way we look, the things we say, what we do and how we make others feel is a real true measure of who we are and how people react towards us. The same is true for brands. Many companies spend a lot of time and resources in what they do (their product or service). Some spend time and resources on how they look (physical space, website, logo, marketing materials), but few spend enough time and resources in how they make others feel when they interact with them. Most interactions we have with brands are courteous and professional, but that’s table stakes. The brands that make us feel special, important, fashionable, attractive, intelligent… The list goes on and on, are the ones that we become loyal to. How do you make your clients feel?

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