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October 11, 2010
“i am an unpromising beginning”

the “Here is what is” documentary film, which shows Daniel Lanois producing his own music as well as working with other musicians such as U2,  contains an interview with Brian Eno that I find extremely important. in this interview Eno says how great ideas or masterpieces come out of nothing.  

so many of us think that only those gifted artists or genius have the talent or gift to produce art, to come up with great ideas or concepts and that they appear suddenly as true stroke of genius. Eno explains how we all have the same ability to create and great work comes out of “unpromising beginnings”. great ideas or masterpieces come out of nothing, they are the result of curiosity, discovery, collaboration, interaction and inspiration, which is being open to be stimulated to do or feel something. 

in reality those ideas are evolutions of many previous prototypes if you will, and are the result of many conversations, observations and rehearses. they are polished versions of much earlier preliminary concepts.

imagine the confidence that we would feel if we all truly knew and believed in that notion. If we all knew that we have the same capacity to create great work as the artists we admire.  

i’m not talking about paintings or songs, but rather problem solving, new product ideas, marketing concepts, presentations, whatever you are faced with in your work life. if we knew our ideas, as unpromising beginnings as they may seem, once worked on and evolved could become true master pieces, we would not stop, or give up until they did.  our fear of failing would diminish, if not disappear, allowing us to freely engage, contribute and create. 

we are all unpromising beginnings and we all have the potential to nourish those beginnings and see them turn into master pieces. don’t hold back ideas, don’t be close to ideas from others, the great concept is there, you just need to nourish it. 


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