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October 11, 2010
if it ain’t broken…break it

the expression “if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it”, comes from the idea that trying to improve or change a process that works is senseless and may even be damaging. i think this concept leads to a stagnant existence and lack of innovation. 

i can tell you your competition will always be trying to improve on your processes and become more effective and better than you.

there is incredible power and value in thinking you are never perfect. in knowing everything you do, no matter how good it is, can always be improved.  that is what will make you unusually good, that is what will get you the attention of your target audience. being outstanding is a never ending pursue.

this doesn’t mean you scratch your old processes, it simply means you build on them, take them and make them even better. this is about giving your audience better than expected, paying attention to trends and needs and providing products and services that are much better than what exists or what anyone else could have imagined. if you can do that, you are the trendsetter, you are the one to follow, you are the market share owner.


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