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October 6, 2011
if you don’t admit you have a problem, don’t expect to solve it

if you think you have a problem but don’t take action to find out because you’re afraid or embarrassed to admit it, don’t expect it to go away.

in fact you know that problems that are ignored tend to fester and may become out of control, yet often problems do get ignored.

maybe its not a priority, maybe it’s not your responsibility, or maybe you’re just hoping it will go away, solve itself out and you won’t have to deal with it.

if you don’t have the courage, if you don’t make it your priority and your responsibility now, there is a high likelihood that this problem will eventually become a priority and perhaps even your responsibility. except now, it is much bigger, complex and hard to solve, not to mention costly.

face your problems, in fact, look for them and tackle them. that is the best way to avoid them.


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