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October 23, 2016
It takes more than a great product to be successful
You have amazing products but if the experience of getting them is fraught with frustration you will lose. Why? Because it’s not just about your products, it’s about the experience. If you want people to engage you need to invest in more than your products. You need to invest in all the processes that form their experience. Let me give you an example. I recently tried to purchase tickets online to several events at a festival. I first became frustrated when a subscription price was promoted but I had to search to find out how to become a subscriber.  Then, after some effort trying to put various tickets into my shopping cart, I realized that each individual event had a different vendor. Since I planned to go to 4 events, I would need to create 4 different accounts, manage 4 shopping carts and would receive 4 different tickets, each with their own unique policies. The process was so arduous and time consuming I just stopped buying. I had gone from loyal advocate to lost customer. It isn’t that the company didn’t care. They cared enough to create an amazing product. The issue is that they stopped there. Of course you should always strive for a quality product but a quality product isn’t enough. To engage customers, create (and retain) advocates and build your brand you must invest in the quality of the whole experience; companies that don’t ultimately risk diminishing the value of their products and alienating their customers.

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