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December 7, 2012
It’s not about you, it’s about your customer.

Yes, Steve Jobs was right, customers often don’t know what they want or need. No focus group would have ever come up with the Ipad or with the easy navigation of the Ipods. The difference however, is that Steve Jobs was a user of the products he was creating and as such created these products with the end user in mind.

Most often than not, Presidents and CEO, leadership teams, boards, managers and often basically all staff are not users of the products and services they provide. When was the last time you tried to register to one of your own events? When was the last time you tried finding something on your website? When was the last time you called your customer service line with a complaint? Or when was the last time you had to access one of your services, filled out one of your customer forms, etc? 

The point is, we create processes or marketing tools and we may in the process think about our customer but often we don’t actually test them from a customer point of view.

Even the organizations that are able to hire professionals to develop these processes or marketing tools must understand that these need to be regularly revisited and improved. Processes became irrelevant, or slow and inconvenient.  Marketing tools may have errors or have not considered different circumstances. 

No, your customers may not always know always be the source of innovation in your creative process or product and service development process but they are ultimately the ones to judge your product and service and decide if they will buy it or not. 

So if it’s not working for them, it won’t for you either.


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