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June 8, 2011
Perceptual Blindness

perceptual blindness is the inability to see things that are in plain sight. the video “monkey business illusion”, provides an example and a test on perceptual blindness.

perceptual blindness stops us from seeing the whole picture, we only see what we are focusing on. organizations, like individuals, can have perception blindness. we are so focused on one area or project or outcome that we turn blind to the whole picture. we don’t see other things and changes that are taking place right before our eyes and as a result we miss opportunities.

other times we are so convinced of our approach, solution or way of thinking that we can’t see or imagine anything different. we don’t allow room for innovation, creativity and change. 

how can we avoid perceptual blindness? although we may not be able to avoid it entirely, perhaps questioning choices, norms and ideas is a good start. allowing for an environment of open expression of ideas and opinions and healthy discussion may allow you to gain new perspectives to broaden your horizons and to see things that otherwise you can’t. 


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