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June 1, 2012
pick yourself

A couple of weeks ago I went to New York City where I had the opportunity to have dinner and spend some time with Seth Godin.

We talked about many things one of them being the concept of what Seth calls “Pick yourself”.

Seth’s point with the “Pick yourself” idea is that we, as individuals as well as organizations, have been for too long living with this “cultural instinct of waiting to get picked”. If you think about it we grow up being taught to wait to be picked. We wait to be picked for a team in gym, we wait to be picked to talk in class, we wait to be given responsibility to do important work, we wait to the opportunity of a promotion. As organizations, specially those with small advertising budgets, (small business and non-profits), we wait for business to pick up, for the word of mouth to spread or for media to do a story on how great we are. 

Picking yourself means to take action, to not wait to be picked but rather create your own stories and reach out to your audience.

While in NYC, I was in the subway and saw this ad from the American Museum of Natural History on a new exhibit of bioluminescent sea creatures. The poster reads; “The Natural world shines brightest with the fascinating creatures that produce their own light.”

That is exactly what we need to do. Rather than wait for someone to shine the spot light on us, we must create our own light and stand out from the crowd. We must pick ourselves, tell our own stories and look for ways to engage with our audience. We must pick ourselves.


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