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November 29, 2017

007 | Jeff Dyer and why non-profits need to invest in rebranding

Why you’ve got to listen to this episode:

Jeff Dyer, past Executive Director of Accessible Housing and current Chief Executive Officer of the Boys and Girls Club of Calgary, talks about his experience through the rebrand of Accessible Housing and the results the rebrand process provided.

Accessible Housing is a small but mighty organization with around 40 staff who, as Jeff puts it, deliver miracles every day to their clients and residents. But this organization did not have the level of awareness, influence and support it deserved. For the most part, the amazing work the organization was doing went unnoticed. As a result, staff was deflated and lacked confidence on what they were doing.

Sounds familiar? I’ve heard similar descriptions from many non-profits. So how do you change that? How do you gain the awareness and recognition your organization deserves? How do you instill a renewed sense of purpose, optimism and pride amongst staff? And is it worth investing your limited resources in it? If you are facing these challenges and are asking some of the same kind of questions, tune in to listen to Jeff’s rebranding experience.

Who can benefit from listening in:

If you’re a non-profit or a small business, this episode will give some insights on why engaging in rebranding is one of the best investments you can ever make. How understanding your brand and living it can bring outcomes much bigger and impactful than you would otherwise.

This is a real-life example of how a small non-profit with limited resources was able to transform and grow over 250% over a period of 4 years in great part due to the rebrand and the great vision of the leaders of the organization.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • How finding your brand enables organizations to engage and influence people in a much deeper and significant way.
  • The leader of the organization has the responsibility to continuously focus on the brand.
  • You need to be open minded, brig in unusual suspects and trust the process. It can be a difficult process but a very worthwhile one.

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This episode includes a downloadable .pdf with some of main benefits a rebrand process brings to any organization.

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