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April 5, 2018

24 | Building a village with Susan Veres

Why you’ve got to listen to this episode:

How do you build a brand around a space that is known for its unsafe or illegal activity? How do you change that brand perception and make that same place, where once no one would want to go to, become a place where people want to hang out and live in? How do you turn one of the worst places in town into one of the most desirable place?

Changing brand perceptions is a very difficult thing to do and Susan Veres from CMLC (Canadian Municipal Land Corporation) did just that. She did that in less than ten years and while building CMLC’s own brand.

In this episode, learn just how Susan and her team achieved this. How she approached the problem and ended up building a place that was missing in Calgary and provides the lifestyle that so many people were searching for.

Who can benefit from listening in:

If you’re trying to build a new brand, or harder yet, changing from an existing negative brand perception to a positive one, this episode is for you.

Susan shares the importance of audience research, collaboration and finding the right partners (even if it is a controversial choice).

You’ll find many tips on this episode on how to build a brand based on your audience needs and desires and how programs, partnerships and collaborations are crucial to attract and retain your audience.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Your product must be informed by research. If you are not clear on what your audience wants you won’t be able to deliver a desirable product.
  • One you identify your vision you must be brave enough to pursue it.
  • When you’re trying to change a negative brand perception, actions are what counts. You need to demonstrate you are who you say you are. Your actions and the experiences you provide are what will build trust and confidence.

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