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April 12, 2018

25 | How focusing on quality and building community elevates a business – with Gareth Lukes

Why you’ve got to listen to this episode:

Lukes Drug Mart has been in business since 1951 but five years ago when Gareth Lukes, the grandson of the founder, took ownership the business became more than the local drugstore, it became a community-building engine.

Since then, Lukes Drug Mart has opened more stores, introduced new and exciting products including some house brand products, will be the cafes at the magnificent new Central Library in Calgary, will open a new coffee roaster, amongst other things.

In this episode, Gareth shares with us some of the changes he introduced to the business and the main focus he has for the business that have brought much success and praise.

Who can benefit from listening in:

Lukes Drug Mart is a perfect example of how focusing on quality and the needs of the community can bring much success. In this episode Gareth shares with us the balancing of ensuring he builds a successful business, building on the legacy of his family business and ensuring it will be around for another 50 years while trying new things and taking some risks.

This episode is also a great inspiration for those businesses who want to focus on quality and community. Gareth commitment to quality over profits has generated a high level of trust in the business and devoted loyal customers.

Lukes Drug Mart is a great business and brand story and one that is evolving and growing. If you are building a brand, there are many great tips and examples you can get from this episode and Lukes Drug Mart story.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Focusing on the needs of the community – if you cater to the community needs and desires you’ll succeed.
  • Exist for the community, for your audience, not for making money.
  • Evolve with your audience, never lose track of their needs and desires. If you evolve with your audience, you’ll always be relevant and meaningful to them.
  • To gain trust and loyalty the focus has to be on quality not on profits. Never sacrifice the quality of your products and services for profits.

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