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May 17, 2018

30 | You need the right team to change the world with Rafael Achondo

Why you’ve got to listen to this episode:

Organizations are communities of people who come together every day to work towards a goal and they depend on strong teams to achieve those goals. But many organizations struggle to find and keep the right team members.

Today there are more educated and demanding consumers ready to reward or punish brands depending on their sustainability standards. And there is a more demanding labour force looking to work for employers with healthy leadership and the correct set of values and alignment with the society that they want to live in.

Talent today is frustrated with conventional organizations. They want instead to work for organizations that share their values, have a genuine purpose and can demonstrate their commitment to having a positive impact on the environment, economy and community.

The good news is, there are huge benefits for purpose-driven organizations that are based on and committed to living by their values. Not only they attract and retain higher talent, but they also gain on all levels including the bottom line.

In this episode, we talk to Rafael Achondo, founder of Matteria, a talent attraction and management firm, on the tangible benefits of purpose-driven brands.

Who can benefit from listening in:

If you are the founder or on the board of an organization, or if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, this episode is an important one.

Becoming a purpose-driven brand is not a marketing tactic or a communication/reputational exercise. It is how you attract higher talent, how you reduce staff turnover, how you increase market value and how you become relevant and meaningful to your team and to your audiences.

Being a purpose-driven brand is no longer a way to differentiate yourself but it is the only way to be competitive.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • To have a strong team that delivers on your goals you need to find talent that has the technical skills and purpose alignment.
  • Don’t confuse sustainability with short term actions of philanthropy or corporate social responsibility.
  • Organizations have to define their purpose and show their true commitment to it.
  • Being a purpose-driven brand, it’s not only good for people and the environment but it’s good for business as well.
  • You can’t fake a brand. Once you define your purpose you must be fully committed to it. It must be part of your entire organization.
  • It’s not only consumers and workers who are looking for purpose-driven brands, Investors are as well. They know there is greater revenue growth from purpose-driven brands.

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The supplement for this episode is Matteria’s Impact DNA internal document.



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