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June 14, 2018

034 | The intersection of transformation and branding

Why you’ve got to listen to this episode:

The world is changing it seems faster and faster all the time. Whole industries are being disrupted opening opportunities for new businesses while taking others out of business. Consumers as well as the workforce are more and more savvy and demanding on who they want to work for and purchase from.

In today’s episode we tackle the questions of; What is the role of businesses in shaping our future? What is the value of brand and how can brand help business stay focused on their purpose while being able to transform and adapt and continue to be relevant and meaningful.

To help us tackle these questions I’m talking with two amazing brands who are also investors in companies who they believe have what it takes to succeed in the future. I’m talking to Dave Smith, Creative Partnerships from Unreasonable and Lorne Rubis, Chief Evangelist from ATB Financial. Tune in to find out if you have what it takes to succeed in the future.

Who can benefit from listening in:

Whether you are a startup, a well-established business or non-profit, this episode will provide great insight on what both audiences and investors are looking for.

We discuss how to establish a strong brand that inspires and drives staff, attracts audiences and build the trust and loyalty.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • Authenticity is the one thing that no brand can do without nowadays.
  • “Impact has the be the core of a business.” Dave Smith
  • “Your purpose has to be so compelling and so attractive that we can feel it.” Lorne Rubis
  • “Your product or service is what people buy, your brand is why people buy it.” Dave Smith
  • “If brand doesn’t start internally, it doesn’t exist externally.” Dave Smith
  • “Invest the time to think deeply about your “Why” or brand purpose.” Lorne Rubis

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