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September 20, 2018

47 | Be more than the services you offer – with Christina Zeidler (Part 2)

Why you’ve got to listen to this episode:

This is part two of my interview with Christina Zeidler. If you haven’t listened to part one I suggest you listen to that first and then come back to part two.

Christina took on an enormous project of renovating and rejuvenating a historic Toronto landmark, the Gladstone hotel. The Gladstone hotel is Toronto’s oldest continually operating hotel originally built in 1889.

What makes the Gladstone a remarkable brand is a fact that Christina has identified a very clear set of values that guides every decision. For instance, because one of the values of the Gladstone is to “Champion leading hotel sustainability practices…” the Gladstone is the only B Certified hotel in Canada.

All internal processes and procedures are in line with the brand values which is hard to do but it is what’s needed to take a brand from words on paper to genuine experiences.

Who can benefit from listening in:

Many entrepreneurs and business owners can relate to Christina’s journey. This is a small business that had to build up from scratch in a highly competitive industry.

In this episode, you can hear how Christina Zeidler is creating change in the community and in the industry. It’s not easy to go against the current, but it’s what many remarkable brands do and are loved for.

This is a story of commitment, perseverance and of bringing people together to build something truly remarkable.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • “You have to be genuine in your intentions”. Christina Zeidler
  • “Brands are always in the process of becoming.”
  • “We are an imperfect experiment.” Christina Zeidler
  • “You may not be able to make a big impact, but big impacts start with small efforts.” Christina Zeidler
  • “How are you putting your values to action?” As a business leader, you have to constantly ask and monitor this.

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