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July 2, 2019

64 | How to express your brand in a physical space – with Nicole Matos and Chris Goodrow

Why you’ve got to listen to this episode:

Your physical space, being a retail location or offices, should reflect your brand. The same image, story and presence you work hard to establish through your website, social media and other platforms, should be reflected and experienced in your physical locations.

Injecting your brand in your spaces enhances the connection with your brand values and what you stand for, reinforces your culture and nourishes staff engagement and the right brand behaviours.

Branding your space is not just about adding your logo on the reception area or painting some walls in your brand colours. Branding your space is about creating purposeful spaces, reflecting your brand values and nourishing the right atmosphere.

Who can benefit from listening in:

In this episode, I talk to Nicole Matos, CEO and Founder, and Chris Goodrow, Director of Sales, for Rivet Design and Construction.  Nicole and Chris share some practical tips on how you can create the right space that reflects your brand and enhances functionality and productivity.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money, even small changes can significantly help inject your brand in any space.

Key takeaways from this episode:

  • In order to inject your brand in a space, first you need to identify and establish your brand and personality.
  • View your space form the eyes of your customer. Understanding your customer and their needs is important to create a space where they feel they belong.
  • Don’t get stuck doing the same or similar spaces as the others in your industry or niche. You space can be a great way to help you stand out.
  • Pay attention to small details such as cleanliness and maintenance. These may seem insignificant to you but it can take away from your brand image.

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