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November 12, 2020

83 | How values impact engagement: Why some brands are so appealing to certain audiences with Cian Murphy

Why you’ve got to listen to this episode:

Research is key to understand audiences and the drivers and barriers behind their decisions. Although measurements such as demographics (age, gender, economic level) can tell us who engages with brands it doesn’t tell us the full story. It doesn’t tell us why.

In this episode, we talk to Cian Murphy, Co-Managing Director of nfpSynergy a research firm based in London, UK.  Cian is an expert in quantitative research design and analysis and oversees all of nfpSynergy’s bespoke research, helping charities frame, understand and resolve their research questions around brand, audiences, fundraising, communications, stakeholders and more. Cian shares with us a research model used to better understand why someone engages with a brand or donates to a charity.

Cian and I also discuss the latest trends and challenges corporations and charities face today.

Key areas discussed in this episode:

  • The Schwartz Theory of Basic Values
  • The need to go beyond demographics to better understand the audience’s motivations and drivers
  • The difference between values and cause
  • Trends that influence how funders and donors engage and behave

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Episode Supplement

Download the episode supplement: nfpSynergy’s Value Briefing document


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