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November 26, 2020

84 | How to influence and win clients with copywriting with Rob Marsh

Why you’ve got to listen to this episode:

How does your audience find out about you? Before they come into your store, buy your product or register for your service, where do they go to get the information, they need to make a decision? A consumer decision journey can be quite quick for impulsive purchases like gum or a candy bar or magazine, the type of things you see on display while you wait in line to pay for your groceries. But for most things’ consumers do some searching to find out more about the product or service, compare prices and providers and evaluate their options.

Whether they hear about your brand on an ad, Google search, social media, or as they stand in front of the display shelf trying to decide which product to buy, there is a crucial element in common to all. The information they read or hear will make them decide either to engage with you or go somewhere else.

Every piece of content you write about your brand is a piece of the puzzle that your audience is putting together to help them make a decision. Chances are that your audience will first hear or read about you before you ever have a chance to engage with them in person. The language you use, your tone of voice and what you choose to say are key to differentiate you from the competition and to persuade your audience to choose you.

In this episode, I speak with Rob Marsh, co-founder of The Copywriter Club. Rob is an experienced writer that now trains other writers on how to write to turn readers into clients.

Key areas discussed in this episode:

  • How can brands be more persuasive
  • How to differentiate your brand
  • How to find your tone of voice and why that’s important
  • The most common mistakes brands make when writing content

Links and resources mentioned in this episode:

Episode supplement

To help you define your brand voice and create compelling and consistent copy we created this easy-to-follow guide to walk you through the process. The guide is a free supplement to the podcast episode.



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