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October 13, 2010
sample this

providing your audience with a “taste” of your product or service is a great marketing tactic. depending on your product, you can give away free samples to people as they pass by in the streets, you can attach a small pouch of your product in a magazine insert, or you can give a free performance for the lunch crowd. that’s what the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra did today in a foyer of a downtown building in Calgary.

by providing a free sample or a “no commitment” introduction to your product or service, you are exposing your product or service to an audience that otherwise would not have invested in trying it out. the interaction is also much more compelling, in this case you could not help but hear the beautifully played music and many were also curious to see an orchestra that close up. 

sampling can be very effective although more costly than other methods. it costs more to have a large group of musicians bring their instruments, some of them quite large, and spend an hour playing live music to a few hundred people rather than posting a video of a performance in Youtube where thousands of people can view it. but sampling provides the opportunity for interaction and there is nothing like a live performance.  

so sample away and be sampled. you will expand your audience and raise awareness.


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