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January 11, 2011
slogans are not forever

there are very few slogans that have passed the test of time, very few! “just do it” from Nike and “think different” from Apple being a couple of examples.

the reason very few slogans stand the test of time is because the majority of slogans are meant to describe a quality, feeling, an emotion that connects the audience wit the product or service during a relevant period of time. 

many organizations make the mistake of thinking slogans should last a life time. do you really want to be described the same way as you were when you were five, how about 18?  what they end up doing is creating a very limiting view and description of themselves and one that does not evolve with their audience.

slogans can be very useful and good ones can last a long time, but when they seize to be relevant change it.


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