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October 6, 2011
steve jobs

many man and women have dedicated their professional lives to make our lives better. steve Jobs certainly did that. here is a man whose vision, imagination and determination created the most extraordinary and powerful tools we’ve ever had.

it’s hard to describe or to even know the impact Steve Jobs has had in our lives.

from computers, phones, ipods and ipads. every apple product is powerful, functional and reliable, and most organizations, and certainly consumers (before Apple came along), would be happy with that.  but Steve wasn’t.

everything he created, certainly delivers in those “basic” areas, but they are much more than that. they are beautiful. from the design, including the packaging, instructional manuals, the launches to the actual tact feel, every detail is a major piece. every corner, edge, colour, material, sound, use, placement…everything is beautifully and carefully devised like each single sound an orchestra emits.

this is what it takes to make something extraordinary. this is what puts us in awe. this is what made Steve Jobs who he was.

thank you Steve for all you’ve done, for all you showed us to be possible, for such inspiration and admiration. 


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