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February 11, 2011
taste is what matters

typically marketers advertise specific products or services to a targeted population group with a set of assumed behavioural characteristics based on age, gender, income, ethnicity, among others.

the combination of several of these variables creates a demographic profile. demographic profiles essentially try to predict the behaviours, likes and dislikes of that group. this is very useful information when trying to market a product or service. you segment the market based on sets of criteria and shape your advertising and promotions according to what will appeal the most to that specific demographic group.

social media however, has changed that. people don’t meet on social media forums based on their age, ethnic background or income levels, they meet based on common interests. people find themselves based on what they like, on their tastes. 

this is a fundamental change from traditional advertising or market segmentation. you can’t cater anymore to assumed behaviours but rather to known interests.

in social media forums you don’t usually know more about your audience than that shared interest or taste. you can’t predict or assume their behaviours. how you communicate to that group needs therefore, to be focused on that single fact…and your brand values, of course.


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