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October 20, 2012
The adrenaline rush syndrome

Most of us would say we are busier than ever. We spend our time in meetings, emails, phone calls and rushing to meet deadlines. We live in a constant adrenaline rush. But most of what we are doing is focusing on what needs to be done, on tactics rather than strategy.

This adrenaline rush is contagious and when we happen not to be in such a rush, we almost don’t know what to do with ourselves. So we usually turn our attention to things such as filing, doing paperwork and other tasks that have been neglected.

We like the rush because it makes us feel busy, useful…needed, but also because it is the perfect excuse for not doing the hard work, the thinking, or tackling the projects we are afraid of.

So we go through our lives, checklists at hand, checking off everyday tasks or even some bigger projects, but not taking the time to strategise or to tackle what would really make a difference, what we would really like to do.

We may allow ourselves a few days to retreat with our colleagues and strategise.

Most companies do take the time to create a business plan, but after that the individuals divisions in the company go away and get right back to their routine rush trying to meet the overall plan without a strategy in place.

Doing, making things happen, shipping is a good thing. We don’t want to stop that. But doing with no strategy or plan in place, will not lead to the best results you can get.


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