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September 29, 2012
the key is not attention

You don’t just want attention, you want loyalty. 

More than clients, what you want are believers, loyal users who not only appreciate your products or services, but believe on what you stand for.

You want to connect with your audience based not only on the quality and features of your product or service but on what you stand for, on what you believe in.

People seek connections and you as a business have an opportunity to engage with your audience and create bonds that are meaningful and much stronger than your competitors. 

These connections are what make brands survive when faced with challenges, being economic downturns or worse. These connections, based on values and beliefs, is what make brands like Livestrong increase market share after Lance Armstrong is accused of doping, is what makes Apple continue to grow even after Mobile Me was a faulty product that caused many users to loose vital information.

Getting attention is not enough. Sales alone is not the goal. The goal is loyalty, is having followers more than clients.  You want fans that will recommend you to their friends and family. You want clients that will stick with you when you make a mistake. You only get fans when you engage with your audience based on values and ideals. 

Quality of product and service still needs to be there, but those are basic expectations that you have to meet. The engagement is the unexpected value that will make the difference.


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