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October 4, 2012
The power of collaboration

Almost always you can accomplish more when you collaborate with others.

Most often we see collaborations amongst artists, musicians and actors specially. They understand that although they may be competitors they have common goals and by joining forces they can benefit all involved.

In the business environment collaborative efforts are not as common. In fact we tend to do the opposite.

This mentality may actually be costing us. Small business specially can have a lot to gain by joining forces, by brainstorming ways to accomplish more together than by themselves.

Some collaborations do take place and are clearly complementary, wine and cheese tastings for instance.

What are some businesses that you could collaborate with? What complementary businesses have the same audience you do? What would supplement your product or service? What would add value, convenience to your customers?

Collaborations can be cost effective ways to expand your reach, tap into new audiences or provide and receive endorsements.

Don’t just think about your competition, think also of who can elevate your brand, your reach and your presence and who can you help as well.


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