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March 24, 2012
the right ingredients

disciplines and tactics such as media relations, marketing, social media, events, partnerships, advertising, etc., are tools. they are like ingredients, depending on what you want to cook you pick the right ingredients and the right amount of each to use. the correct combination will provide the best results.

so, just like a recipe, organizations need to view these tools as ingredients and use them in the right combination. 

most often than not, you see many organizations focus on one or the other “ingredient”,media relations for instance or direct mail, rather than using the right mix of ingredients. you’ll not get the best results by focusing on on e area or using too much of one ”ingredient”.

to have the right recipe or mix and know just how much you should use of each “ingredient” you need to have an understanding of all ingredients and the role each one plays in the mix. 

think about who in your organization is responsible for overseeing your mix or coming up with the right “recipe”. chances are that if you have someone whose expertise lies in one area (i.e. communications or marketing), you are likely using one “ingredient”, the one they are most knowledgeable of, more than the others.

look at you “recipe” and make sure you have the right mix. you’ll not be able to bake a cake without all the right ingredients.

if you’re not using a mix of ingredients because you think they are cost prohibitive then you need to adjust your expectations. when promoting your organization or product and service, just a like a recipe, there is a direct correlation between the ingredients you put in and the results you’ll get. 


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