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January 14, 2011
think social

social media is as the name says, to socialize, engage in conversation, provide input, offer some knowledge or advice based on your experience and background, engage with people. 

interest in your organization or product will come from that type of genuine engagement and interest, not from you arriving at the party wearing a billboard and reciting the features and benefits of your product through a loud speaker and waving your credit card machine on your hand.

“small town rules” where relationships matter and word of mouth is your best or worst marketing is at an all time high. the internet have now allowed for the sharing of ideas and opinions to spread at light speed. it is “small town rules” in steroids.

your customers can be your best advocate or your worst enemy.  word of mouth is now the fastest way to either make you or brake you.  your customers are willing to give you a good review, if you are extraordinary, but they are even more so inclined to let everyone one know not to get anywhere near you if you don’t deliver on your promises. 

we all know relationships always win. people want to have a relationship with you, they want to do business with people they trust.  for that, they need to know you first.  

you should engage in social media. If you’re not already get at it, soon! but do so with the genuine intention to socialize, to engage and build relationships. intent matters and people can see through it. 


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