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March 22, 2012
time to take design seriously

design can be such a powerful tool yet it is so incredibly difficult to actually find good design. this may be because most organization don’t understand what design is and what it can do.

design is so often treaded as a way to accommodate all the information, pieces or elements into something, be it a brochure, an ad, a power point presentation or a physical product.

placing things somewhere is NOT design, it is merely packing. 

design is not about pretty colours, or well arranged text, shapes or contents. design is about aesthetics. it is about expression and perception.

good design is able to visually express a set of specific ideas and sentiments and it evokes the desired perceptions. these perceptions create the actions and results we want.  so if you’re not getting the results you want, you should take a good look at the way your are designed or, most likely, the lack of design in your pieces. and no, using the project gallery of Power Point is not going to help you.

design is about good communication. and yes, every detail counts. it may seem insignificant the placement of a shape, the type of font you use or the slight variation of a shade but it all counts. 

but just like everything there are good and bad designers, so do your due diligence. you wouldn’t want your house or the bridge you cross everyday built by a bad engineer. the same applies for the design you use for your organization.

This is about how people perceive you. it’s about your reputation. That is worth a lot. Pay attention to it. it is worth to invest in good designers. 


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