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December 18, 2012
we want to buy, but we don’t want to be sold.

More than ever people want to buy. We want to buy connectivity, status, convenience, protection, comfort, beauty…

But we don’t want to be sold these things. We want to be allured, convinced, seduced, tempted.

So you can talk about features and benefits, but those are not what will tempt someone to buy from you. The features and benefits need to be there so a buyer can justify their purchasing choice. But what will get someone to open their wallet to you over all the others in the market is how you charm them.

It is about seducing, attracting someone to buy from you or donate to you. It is much deeper than a transaction. You’re not providing just a product or service, you’re providing the lifestyle, the feelings people want to experience.

Make sure that lifestyle and feelings are reflected when you communicate about your company.


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