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October 4, 2010
what are you in business for?

we are all in business to make a profit, increase memberships, get votes. we all know there is a bottom line and we need to get those results. what most organizations don’t understand, is the fact that the bottom line are results of a strong brand. they are always an outcome, not a goal.

if you do your job well, if you connect with your audience and give them what they demand and if you are genuine about what you are in business for, then you will achieve that bottom line. you will get the results that a job well done provides. your core business is not to increase your bottom line. your core business is to provide what your customer is demanding. stay true to your core business and you will get good results, but you have to be genuine about it.

success, results will come as a result of your genuine engagement, of acting consistently and authentically with your values, your core and your purpose.


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