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September 4, 2012
you get what you put into it

the level of effort and attention you put into something is directly related to the outcome or the results you get. 

if you have an issue but you choose not to address it, or don’t give it the right level of importance or focus, the issue will persist.

i see many organizations, that have a brand and marketing problem but don’t take the needed steps to properly address it. 

in some cases, specially for small organizations, brand and marketing is not properly addressed because they don’t have the internal skills or the resources to hire out experts. if that’s your case, find out what grants, funding or existing small business resources may be available to you.  in most areas you’ll find inexpensive or free resources you can tap into. become part of a group, there are tons of them in Facebook or Linkedin, or form your own, talk to other organizations or people about your issue and seek their advice or ideas on how to solve it. read books on it, attend a conference, read articles and blogs on it. seek the answers. the point is, you’ll never solve your issue if you don’t focus on it.

if you have a brand and marketing problem you’re having either stagnant sales, decreased revenue, decrease memberships, decreased fund raising, lack of awareness, difficult finding the right staff, volunteers, etc. your brand and marketing issue is an image, reputation and bottom line issue. you can’t afford to ignore it.

i see many leaders ignoring or delegating brand and marketing only to continue to experience the problem. don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in having members of your organization responsible for specific areas and focused on solving specific issues, including brand and marketing, but if the leader is not involved or actively engage, the issue will persist.

if you as a leader don’t have brand and marketing as a main area of focus you’ll continue to have issues in this area. take action, it may be the wisest way to spend your time.


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