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July 7, 2011
your brand is a movie

think of your brand as a movie.  let’s say you want to do a western or a period movie. everything from the name of the movie, to the font used, the actors, the costumes they wear, the sets, the food and drinks, the objects, the accent, tone and even the actual words used, the music, etc. every detail is crucial in telling your story, in building the experience of that specific movie. if one thing is out of place it creates confusion, builds distrust amongst viewers and the movie may be dismissed as a phony.  it most likely be a flop and you won’t be hired again to produce another movie.

your brand is exactly like that.

if you don’t have all the right ingredients in place, you are jeopardizing your brand. the better you can create that experience, the more trust and loyalty you’ll create amongst your audience and the more successful your brand is likely to be.  now, you still have to tell a good story, but a good story alone, like a good product alone, is not a movie, its just a script and it will never achieve its full potential.


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